Complete That Stylish Western Attire with Western Belts

Western Wear
Stylish attires are all over the society today. There are numerous styles that people can wear every day, and these styles associate with so called attire. Attires differ from various styles such as bohemian or boho chics, casual attires, country styles and so on. Especially with country styles, people are amazed how this attire gets so adorable yet rugged at the same time. Country styles or much commonly known as western style is a Western American inspired attire which usually utilizes jeans, polo shirts, cowboy boots and hat, cute dresses for girls, and of course western belts.

western beltsPhoto: Woody Hibbard, CC BY 2.0

The Beauty of a Leather Belt
Western belts are commonly associated with the leather fabric. Leathers are generally sturdy that fits with the adventurous and rugged style of the West. With the use of these kinds of belts, you can complete the perfect look of the western style and carry it with confidence.

These belts are not only stylish but very sturdy as well, that you can still use it after 5 years. What’s more, these belts are very comfortable to use since it is designed to fit perfectly in the right body type. However, today these belts are now utilizing other sturdy types of fabrics.

Other Belt Fabrics
Many brands today have belts sold that are western style yet combines other fabrics such as snake skin, alligator skin, and crocodile skin. So instead of having a 100% leather fabric, it is available for 50% or lesser. These kinds of fabrics are more affordable than the classic leather belt, yet not very sturdy as the authentic one. Although it is still an animal skin or hides just like the leather, the features are not just the same.

The Design
Western belts have numerous designs that you can choose from. From the strap to its buckles, all differ accordingly. There are shops that you can make your own customizations, and personalize it. But here are some of the common designs for both men and women.

From the strap alone, you can choose from the diverse selection of styles from color, design, and even carvings. Colors may vary from the classic brown leather, black leather, and even orange and red. Designs on the other hand vary on being weaved or not. There are belts that are designed being weaved to give it more style, yet there are still those that have a classic style. But what make this classic style adorable are the carvings. Numerous belts are carved with various country matters such as horses, wagons, flowers, and even barns.

western beltsPhoto: Alisha Vargas, CC BY 2.0

Buckles are the hooks of the belt. What makes this belt unique is the design of the buckles. The buckles vary according to sizes, shapes, and designs. The size may be big, medium, or small. On the other hand, the shapes differ from oval, circle, square, or rectangle, whereas the design is mostly based on the carvings. Usually, these buckles have the brand name, and for some, carvings of horses and barns.
Nonetheless, in general buckles are mostly made up of stainless steels.

Whatever design of belt you will be choosing, as long as it goes with the western attire, then you are perfect.