Nail Art Designs: Make Your Look More Interesting

The Art of Nail Painting
There are many interesting fashion statements in the industry today. From bags, clothes, dresses, shoes, accessories, and even hair, everything has its associated trend. Especially for teens, nail art designs are brand new way of showing off styles. Nails although are only a small portion of the body, they can easily grab the attention of the people. There are many ways on making your own nail art, from simple alternate coloring to complicated designs. For these complex designs, usually it uses materials that is especially designed for this matter such us stripper.

nail art designsPhoto: DIYNailArtDesigns, CC BY 2.0

How to Do It on Your Own
If you’re a beginner, it is recommend doing first simple designing such as alternate coloring, but if you want to be advanced, you can buy certain materials to do it successfully. But before doing it, decide first what design you want for your nails. Here are few examples of simple nail art designs that you can definitely follow.

Simple Nail Art
If you want to have a simple yet gorgeous nails, you can follow this easy steps and obtain beautiful nails within minutes.

Use a loofah. This material has a cute design, thus when you apply it for your nails, you will achieve a very unique style. To do it, simply coat your nail with any color you want, preferably dark colors. After coating, place on top of it a sheet of loofah and pour down some glitters. By this, you will achieve crisscross pattern.

nail art designsPhoto: lisa bentley, CC BY 2.0

Use your bobby pin. As you can see, bobby pins have circular and dot-type ends. You can use these ends to make dots over your undercoat whatever pattern you like, whether horizon dots, vertical, or all over nail cover. The finish result will be polka dots nails.

Use tape. You can use the tape to cover a portion of your nails which you don’t want to be applied with the nail polish. Think first what design you would like and simply cover some portion where you don’t want the polish to be applied, and apply the upper coat. Let it dry and carefully remove the tape.

Use plastic. This process will obtain splattered nail art designs. Let your undercoat dry and paint a crumpled plastic with your desired upper coat color, then simply crumple this plastic over your nails.

Use sponge. The sponge has a unique texture, thus it will make your nails look more interesting. Simply apply a nail polish over the sponge, and dab the sponge over your nails, then you’re finish.

Scribble that brush. After applying your coat and letting it dry, choose for another color and simply doodle the brush over your nails. This will create a graffiti look.

Utilize pen’s tip. If you want a more electrifying nails, simply use the tip of a pen with no ink and scrape parts of the nail polish and dab small portions with the use of the cloth with other colors such as green and red. This is will create a lightning effect.

Do it as if you don’t know how to do it. Simply add another color over your undercoat and do it as if it is unfinished or you don’t know how to do it. This will make an impression of an abstract art.

nail art designsPhoto: DIYNailArtDesigns, CC BY 2.0