Mink Eyelash Extensions: What is this?

Makeup has taken the industry today. Many people especially woman uses makeup to enhance their look and appearance to the public. Especially for eye make ups which are very relevant to make an impression of beauty since the eyes is the first thing to look into. Not only that requires eye shadow, eye liners, brow liner, mascara, and other eye makeup, the eye is also beautified through eyelash extensions.

mink eyelash extensionsPhoto: Carsten TolkmitCC BY-SA 2.0

What is an Eyelash Extension?
An eyelash extension is an eyelash kind of material which is glued right through your eyelids, at the bottom of your real lashes. This kind of beautification is used since the beginning of the 20th century and was also utilized during Victorian era. Because of this, the eyelash extension was born. These extensions can be made up of different materials such as natural human hair, man-made fiber, and synthetic fiber. But the most widely used material is the synthetic or what people call now as the mink eyelash extensions.

mink eyelash extensionsPhoto: Rebecca Krebs, CC BY 2.0

Is it Safe?
Because mink fibers are not natural, there are people that are not totally good with this kind of material. You may notice that for some, allergic reactions may occur due to the fabric being used. So it is very necessary to know first if this kind of material will be good for you or not.

How to Put On Eyelash Extension
Placing the mink eyelash extensions is not easy. It requires great talent and patience to do it successfully on your own, thus if you want to have an eyelash extension it is better to let a professional do it for you for safety purposes. First thing to do when placing the extension is making sure that the foundation of the extension is stable. If it is not too hard and not in the proper position, it can cause mess to your eyes and it can damage it.

After making sure that the eyelash is stable, put the special glue in the foundation of eyelash carefully. Be certain that there is no splitting of the glue anywhere in the extension; you don’t want the glue to directly contact your eyes. Next, carefully place the mink eyelash extensions on your eyelids with the right positioning and sturdiness. The glue should have properly stuck on the eyelids to make sure that will not fall.

What to Avoid
There are not so much things you need to avoid with your extension. Just make sure that you will prevent exposure to water within 24 hours after the eyelash has been glued to your lids. This is very necessary in order to be assured that the extension will be strong enough throughout the whole process. In addition, always be careful of your moves to avoid moving the extension.

Removing the Eyelash Extension
Again just like how you placed it, when you remove it unless you have the right knowledge and skill, you can do it on your own. But if you don’t have the skill then it is better to let a professional do it. Removing takes so much time and effort, thus it will take you several hours to finish.