Tips on How to Contour Your Face

Contouring is one of the most popular makeup methods. Not only will it make your face look thinner, but it also gives an edge to your beauty. Most of the celebrities, today apply contour makeup to accentuate their beauty. Some of the celebrities that use contouring are the Kardashian’s siblings.

How to Contour Your Face
Before you know the steps on how to contour your face, you need to know first the things that you need for contouring. The three most common cosmetic products which are used to shape your face are the bronzer, the blush, and the highlighter. But some people use cream based bronzers and concealers to contour their face.

how to contour your faceImage: The Zone SC, CC BY-SA 2.0

Steps on How To Contour Your Face

For Cream-Based Cosmetics
how to contour your faceImage: The Zone SC, CC BY-SA 2.0
Apply the concealer on the middle of your temple, on the upper parts of your cheek, on your nose bridge, on your upper lip, and on your chin. Draw a triangle on the upper parts of your cheek and on your forehead.

Get your cream-based bronzer and apply it in the spaces where there is no concealer. Put the right amount of bronzer on the sides your temple, on the lower parts of your cheeks, on the sides of your nose, and on your jaw line.

With the use of a beauty blender, blend the makeup well until the creams are well-blended.

Apply the blush on your cheeks to make it look more natural.

For Powder-Based Cosmetics
The procedures, for powder-based contouring cosmetics, are the same. The only difference is you need to apply the bronzer first before applying the highlighter. And instead of using a sponge, you may use the blush on or powder brush to blend the makeup into your face.

To get a contoured face, you need to create letter E on the left side of your face and number 3 on the right side. Use the bronzer to create the letter E and the number 3. You may also apply bronzer on your neck the skin color of your face and your neck.

As per the nose, you may use your eye shadow brush to apply and blend the bronzer and the highlighter.
Apply the bronzer on the sides of your nose. Apply the highlighter on the nose bridge. Then apply the blush to your cheeks. Ensure that you will apply a little amount of blush on to make the look more natural.

Additional Tip
If you don’t own a bronzer, you can use a powder instead. But you need to use a powder that is two tones darker than your skin to make the contouring look more natural.

If you are going to use cream-based cosmetics, you need to apply a powder after applying the make-ups for contouring. In that way, the makeup won’t crack after applying the cosmetics.

So these are the tips that you must follow if you want to shape your face. Yes, it is hard at first, but if you practice contouring on a regular basis, you will definitely get a perfect look.

how to contour your facePhoto: Neon Tommy, CC BY-SA 2.0