Add More Style: How to Bleach Jeans

The Style of the Jeans
Jeans is one of the most widely used clothing today and even from the past. Centuries have passed but jeans remain as top of the classic clothing styles of the people. It can either be long pants, short pants, skirts, and even jackets. But because today’s world is evolving, and styles are changing, jeans are given brand new style. Many techniques have been utilized such as ripping, fraying, patching, coloring, bleaching and many more to give a jean a brand new look. But the easiest to make is perhaps the bleaching.

how to bleach jeansWhat is Bleaching?
Bleaching is a process where a color of a thing is turned into being white by either the use of the sun or by chemical substances. If you bleach jeans, the color of it will turn into white by using bleaching chemicals. It is so simple to do, that a child can do it himself. So now, how to bleach jeans?

how to bleach jeansThe Bleaching Process
Before learning how to bleach jeans, you need to prepare the materials you will choose. First and the most important thing you need are your jeans. Next, grab a bleach solution or a bleaching pen. Also make sure that you have a basin to where you will be placing your clothing, and either one of this: sponge, eyedropper, toothbrush, paintbrush, or a sprayer, you will need this on the bleaching process.

Think for the design. Before bleaching your design, think whether there is a specific design or pattern you want for your jeans. This is necessary so that you won’t be spending too much time on the work process, and fails will be avoided.

Make your bleach solution. You cannot just pour right away the bleach into your jeans because it will result awfully. Make sure to dilute it first into the water with the right ratio you want. The fume will tell you if it’s right or not.

Prepare your working area. This is very necessary to avoid being messy. The basin and the jeans should be in the right place, and the bleach should be separated.

Wet your jeans. Before making the bleaching, make sure that the jeans is wet in order for the result to be perfect.

Using the materials mentioned above, sponge, eyedropper, toothbrush, paintbrush, or sprayer, you can now bleach your jeans. If you use the sponge, make sure that you will just carefully dab it with a bleach solution over the jeans. The eye dropper on the other hand is perfect for patterns. You can drop the solution over the jeans and create a pattern you want. For both the brushes, it can create splattered effect over the jeans. Again it all depends on what you want. Lastly if you want to hasten the process, and there is only minimal style you want, you can just spray the solution directly.

Rinse the bleach off. After several minutes, proximately 5, rinse off the bleach preferably in cold water for a better result.

Wash the jeans. When washing, it is recommended to use machine washing so that it will not be ruined drastically when washing with the hand.

In general, whatever your style is, a bleached jean will always carry your style. Now that you know how to bleach jeans, why not try it now, and add that style to your fashion statement.