Getting The Most Stunning Eye Makeup Looks

They have been saying that your eye is the window to your soul. This cliché statement can never be more real. Your eye can determine first impression, and usually first impressions always last. It could also tell so much about your personality. The colors that you put around your eyes are a glimpse of who you are.

There is hundreds of stunning eye makeup looks, fit for the specific color of your eyes, whether it’s for your everyday work, or for that special dinner party you are going. There are a few things that you should consider to make those lovely pearls pop. Your eyes are the most expensive commodity of your face and putting on the right eye makeup looks is everything.

eye makeup looksPhoto: Agnes, CC BY-ND 2.0

Eye color
Your eye color can identify what is the best type of shades you should be putting on. If you have black or brown eyes, this color typically works with any color shades. If its day time, warm shades of peach or earth colors can be your pick; if you want a playful day in summer look, bright pastels can be your choice.

If you are in the lighter shade of eye color such as emerald eyes or the green eyed vixen, or wearing blue eyes warm colors are highly recommended. These colors make your eye pop. Purples and plum also accentuates those pretty eyes.

Size of your Eyes
eye makeup looksPhoto: daniel astudillo flores, CC BY-SA 2.0

Chinese and Koreans or the Japanese have cute eyes; they have a very small opening of their lids, so the main goal is to create an illusion of bigger brighter eyes. This is literally the work of the liners. Silver and light browns and white liners play an important role in making this illusion. Avoid smoky looks for these itsy bits eyes, since it will definitely over power the whole look.
For those with big tantalizing eyes just like me, it’s really up to you if you want to accentuate your eyes more or create an illusion of a smaller eye. I usually use dark black eyeliners to create the illusion of a smaller eye. I love using cat eyes with light shades around it, it brings in drama, and it could be a day to night look that is effortlessly done.

Skin Color
Choosing the right shades will also depend on your skin color. Asians have pearly skin, so if it’s a day look, light colors with a little bit of drastic lines will do, for night, a light smoky effect paired with your little black dress will make things happen. For Caucasians, playing around with your tan will make you even more beautiful, Violets and plums with a smoky look really will pull things together, and it’s a simple day to night look.

Your eye makeup looks is very critical, and it’s very important that you master one daytime look and one night time look that perfectly looks good on your type of skin color, eye color and eye size. When I say master it, you can put it on, even without the mirror. It’s not rocket science really but mastering it will save you so much time and still look fabulous.