Tips and Tricks for Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

If you have a pair of brown eyes and you’re a woman, then you have the right to be arrogant. Brown eyes are the perfect eye color. You can wear any shades of eye shadow without looking too weird. You can even wear different colors of a liner if you don’t like the same old black or brown eyeliner.

But before you apply eye makeup for brown eyes, there are certain things that you must remember. This article will give you some tips that you need to keep in mind whenever you apply eye makeup for your auburn eyes.

eye makeup for brown eyesPhoto: Jeff Luyten, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Spots Say It All
Brown color is mesmerizing, yet complex at the same time. You rarely see people with brown eyes use solid colors due to the flecks that they have. If you have a pair of brown eyes and you have flecks, use them as your barometer to choose the best hue for your eye cosmetics. The best eye makeup for brown eyes is the one that balances the shade of your flecks. If you have yellow flecks, then you should use plum or purple eye shadow. If you have reddish spots, then you should pick eye shadows with green hues.
Green will not only heighten the red pigments in your eyes, it will also increase its depth.

When choosing a color of eyeliner, it is like choosing the right color for your flecks. You need to choose a color of your eyeliner that will complement the shade of your auburn eyes. If you have yellow flecks, choose purple and plum liners to augment the color of your eyes. If the pigment of your flecks is red, then you should use dark green liners. If you use the right color of eyeliner, not only will you save time but you will also add drama to your eyes.

Brown Eye Shadows
You might be wondering if it’s ok to use brown color if you already have brown eyes. But as mentioned earlier, brown eyes complements any shade, even if it’s the same color of your pupil. In fact, Brown is the safest shade that you can use for your eyes. Since Brown is quite near to any skin tone, it won’t make you look ridiculous even if you are wearing this eye shadow to a party.

eye makeup for brown eyesPhoto: Mainstream, CC BY 2.0

When choosing the right shade of brown color, you need to consider the tone of your skin, as well as the occasion. For instance, if you are going to the club, dark shades will be okay. But if you want to wear it in the office or if you are going to the mall, then peaches and taupe are the perfect shades. These colors will give you a fresh look. Moreover, people will notice the true beauty of your eyes.

Having a pair of brown eyes is the best feature that you can have to your face. This eye color complements any hue. But if you know which shade that you should use, it will make your eyes more tantalizing. The right eye makeup for brown eyes will definitely let you glow more.