Crazy high heels

Tips and tricks to wear even the craziest high heels

If you will absolutely love crazy high heels – we’re talking CRAZY high heels – you know that there is nothing better than strapping a pair of these to your feet and heading out for a night on the town…
crazy high heels
… Unless of course you haven’t been able to master wearing them just yet (let alone wearing them comfortably)!

To help you along, we have put together this quick list of tips and tricks to help you pull on even the craziest of high heels, the kind of shoes that make people go crazy – women jealous and men driven out of their mind – so pay close attention!

Let’s dive right in.

crazy high heels

Make sure that you’re wearing the right size

The biggest mistake that people make when they are wearing high heels is that they do not find the right size for their particular feet – choosing a size that is either a little bit too small over there almost as bad) a little bit too big.

You absolutely CANNOT afford to make this mistake.

If the shoe doesn’t fit, you’re going to end up with all kinds of blisters come all kinds of injuries come and more discomfort than you know what to do with.

crazy high heels

Be smart about finding crazy high heels that fit your foot type

Secondly, you were going to want to make sure that you find high heels that fit your specific foot type.

If you have higher arches, look for shoes that support the use higher arches. If you have fled her feet, high heels that have been designed for flatter feet are going to be right up your alley.

There is no such thing as “one shape fits all” when you’re talking about these kinds of shoes, that’s for sure!

crystal high heels


The thicker the heel, the better off you’re going to be

The worst thing that you can strap on your feet are high heels that have ridiculously thin heels like stilettos do.

This almost always causes your feet to wobble, slip around, and slide left and right as well as back and forth – and that’s when you’re going to get rubbing, chafing, and a whole lot of friction.

Instead, look for high heels that offer a chunkier heel, a thicker heel, and a heel that gives you a lot more stability without compromising style.

punk high heels

Take breaks whenever necessary!

At the end of today, your feet are only ever going to be able to take so much. You have to realize that the human foot (and the rest of the body) simply wasn’t made to be pressed down on a ridiculously small area of your feet.

You need to take breaks, you need to give your feet a little bit of rest and recuperation, and you need to avoid any injuries that could cause you able to hurt that a couple of quick 15 minute break sessions would have avoided altogether.

Hopefully we are able to help you wear your favorite heels without too much discomfort going forward!

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pink sexy high heels

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