Celtic Cross Necklace: Wear the History

Accessories in Fashion
Fashion accessories can never be outdated in the fashion world. New accessories and jewelries are out every year, and there are numerous kinds of this. There are bangles from earrings to bracelets, hand-crafted necklaces, rings, and many more. These accessories add touch and uniqueness in everyday style. Without it, mostly attires are not complete and are boring. Although there are multiple accessories available today, there is one accessory that has been used since the past. And this one has so much mystery and meaning into it: the Celtic cross necklace.
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What is this Necklace?
Celtic cross is a very popular accessory dated several centuries ago from the beginning of Celtic Christianity until today. The uniqueness of this necklace is that it is similar with the Catholic cross but the difference is with the circle placed in the intersection. Many believed that the meaning of this cross is base on the religion of the pagans among Celtic people which was created by St. Patrick. He introduced the cross to the pagan people and incorporated the circle or the sun to signify the belief of these people. However, not most of the people believe in this prospect.

Celtic Cross Necklace Symbolism
There are numerous meanings that people gave this necklace to. Many believe that it symbolizes the unfolding of the mysteries of life which are the hope, honor, life, faith, balance, unity, transition, and temperance. These mysteries are unfolded through the arms of the cross which are the four ways of ascension and the meeting of divine energies. The four arms represent the self, nature, wisdom, god or goddesses according to the pagan belief. This oneness is very relevant in their religion giving the hold of the greatness within their religion and their selves.

Aside from this, this necklace is also associated with three navigations which are the spiritual navigation, cyclical navigation, and time navigation. Spiritual navigation is very important in a Celtic tradition. If you find yourself lost in the middle of the sea which is the sea of thoughts in the spiritual concept, this necklace will bring back the spirit and thoughts in one. The cyclical navigation on the other hand represents the seasons, which is a massive event in the Celtic life and culture. Lastly, the time navigation is the symbol of the day and night. One portion of the horizon of the cross represents sunrise, while sunset on the other.

celtic cross necklacePhoto: regan76, CC BY 2.0

Now if you wonder what the circle in the Celtic cross necklace represents, many says that is about the unification, totality, and wholeness of the being a person.

In general, with all the mysteries being unfold in the four arms of the cross and the wholeness, it gives meaning in the overall meaning of life, thus making this accessory unique from the rest. It is like no other, the meaning is exceptional, the tradition and belief is distinctive, and the history being associated is what makes this accessory a must have in any attire. This handcrafted necklace is based from the past which is always a major statement no matter what generation it is.