Buy a Pair of Cute Running Shoes

How do you find a pair of cute running shoes that keep your feet happy? There are a lot of options when it comes to purchasing running shoes. Running shoes are available in different colors, fits, fabrics etc, which makes purchasing the running shoes a bit tedious.

Most of us have the wrong notion that we cannot buy running shoes that are comfortable and good-looking. This is not true, a lot of popular brands like Nike, Adidas and Reebok have introduced very functional and yet cute running shoes.

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But before you set out to buy your cute running shoes, here are a few pointers to help you make the right purchase.

1. The right length and width

What happens when you slide into a dress that is too tight? You will very uncomfortable isn’t it? Similarly your feet also need space to breathe as you run. So unlike other types of footwear your running shoes need to be a little longer, say by half inch, than what you usually wear. The width also needs to be slightly greater. This ensures that your feet stay comfortable and are not irritated while you are running.

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2. Extra cushioning for extra comfort

Cushioning acts as a shock absorbent, not just protecting our feet, but also the lower back, knees and hip joint. Running shoes with added cushioning is exclusively intended for long distance running. The running shoes with extra cushioning have an added layer of cushion in the midsole to provide support and protection to the foot. These types of running shoes are a great option for runners with a high arch.

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3. The right weight

Running shoes are available with varied weights. It is common sense that for a runner the best running shoes are the ones with less weight. Today all the reputed shoe brands manufacture light-weight shoes that provide all the necessary features such as support, comfort, grip and proper cushioning. The light-weight shoes suit all foot types and are a great choice for runners who run at great speed.

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4. Slip into the right size

As mentioned above running shoes need to a little for spacious than your normal shoes. So do not buy running shoes as the same size as your usual shoes. Try them on and run around to make sure that you are comfortable before you buy them.



5. Where are you running?

While buying cute running shoes, the most important point to consider is the terrain where you will be running. There are different types of running shoes for different terrains.

On road running
If you are an on road runner, you will need running shoes that provide sufficient protection. Roads do not provide any sort of support for the feet and joints which is why you need well-cushioned running shoes for on road running.

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Off-road running
When you run off-road you need more grip instead of cushioning. The soles need to be more solid and secure to provide a better grip on uneven, slippery and rough surfaces. Off-road running calls for trail shoes. These types of running shoes are water-proof and have a sturdy grip on the ground. Trail shoes have a thin but longwearing sole that protects and provides a greater grip for any type of terrain.

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Track Running
Track runners want the maximum speed. So when you need speed you need to wear running shoes that are light-weight. Track shoes are light-weight and do not compromise on comfort and flexibility. Too much cushioning is also not necessary. To make these shoes light-weight they are manufactured with a thin sole. Track shoes are available in 2 types – running flats & running spikes. If you are a long distance runner then running flats is for you. Short distance runners can benefit from running spikes.

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Cross runners
Cross runners run on multiple types of surfaces, which means, they need an athletic shoe that is flexible enough to suit different types of surfaces. Cross training shoes provide enough support and cushioning for road running, enough grip and durability for off-road running and they also provide the required comfort for track running.

In Short
Once you have decided on the kind of running shoes that you need, all that is left is to check on the fit and comfort. With several reputed brands available in the US, you can shop for your cute running shoes very easily.

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