Easy Beauty Tips For Teens You Should Know

Teenage is quite a tricky age for boys and girls as this is the time when their physique undergoes certain strange changes. Hormones start secreting at this phase and this has an impact on the overall appearance of skin. If you are going through a teenage phase, you might see your skin developing sudden acne problems that never existed before. There is no reason for panic as this is just a natural phase. If you follow the trailing beauty tips, you can maintain your skin very well and can pass through your teenage phase more beautifully. These beauty tips for teens are natural and home-made; therefore you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

For a glowing face

Beauty Tips For Teens For a glowing face
As a teenager you might go for many outings with your friends and family members. There is nothing worse than having a dull and lifeless skin when you plan your trip. Yes, you can get a glowing facial done at your parlour; however this will not give you a permanent solution. So what you need here is a simple solution that is safe and long-lasting for your skin. You can achieve this glow with just 3 ingredients that you normally use at home – egg yolk, almond oil and lemon juice. Sounds simple, isn’t it? Mix all of these into a nice paste and apply it on your face for about ten minutes and wash it off when completely dry. Apply this pack once a day for a month to see marvelous results. You will be thrilled to find a natural glow in your face with these beauty tips for teens within a month.

For thick and healthy hair

Beauty tips for teens
Today most of the teenagers do not apply enough oil in their hair, which is why they don’t have healthy hair at all. Oil is an important ingredient as it helps to strengthen your roots and give enough nourishment to your hair. It is also a good conditioning agent. If you want thick and black hair, you need a combination of 2 or 3 oils. Mix some coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil. Add any fragrant oil that you might have (optional) with this mixture. Make this mixture warm and apply it on your hair and scalp with sponge (preferred) or hand. Ensure that you apply this on all the strands. Leave it overnight for best results or for just about 30 minutes. Use a mild shampoo to wash off. Do this treatment for at least twice a week. These beauty tips for teens gives you lots of benefits – reduces hair fall, reduces dryness, increases volume of your hair and removes dandruff problems.

When applying make-up

Beauty tips for teens
When you are attending any function and it is mandatory for you to apply make-up, ensure that you don’t overdo. Too much of make-up can damage your skin to a great extent. Dress according to the season. During summers, don’t apply heavy make-up as it will make you sweat profusely, making your skin look strange at places. Lip gloss, eye liners and a good concealer for blemishes is more than enough to bring out the best in you. Removing make-up is equally, if not more important, than applying make-up. Use these beauty tips for teens every day, before you go to bed, wash your face clean and remove all traces of make-up, so that the residues don’t cause any acne to your skin.

The other mistake that most teenagers do is to apply foundation whenever they apply make-up, without realizing that they are hiding their natural glow and beauty. Foundation is for older women. For teenagers, concealers would suffice to hide blemishes and accentuate their natural skin tone and beauty.

Naturally long eyelashes

beauty tips for teens
Your eyes speak a thousand unspoken words. They are very expressive; therefore you would obviously want to take care of them in the best possible way. Never make the mistake of over-using eye shadows, eye-liners and mascara, as they can spoil the natural look of your eyes. You don’t have to retort to these artificial products to make your eyelashes natural and long. Massage your eyelashes gently with a cotton ball soaked in coconut oil or olive oil before you go to bed every night. Do this for a month at least to see visible results.

These beauty tips for teens are apt for teenagers as they help teens to get a permanent glow and shine, which boosts their self-confidence to a great extent.