Popular Diamond Cuts for Square Engagement Rings: Give Your Loved One the Perfect Gift

All men encounter the same dilemma once they find the right girl to inherit their name – choosing the engagement ring. Because of a long history behind the tradition, people consider it as a very special matter. The pressure of having to choose the right ring slowly builds up over time, so it’s best to not be indecisive. However, it won’t help to be impulsive as well.

To make the task a lot easier, you need to secure three things. First up is the size of the girl’s ring finger.
The second one is her favorite color. The third and last one is her accessory shopping inclinations.
Knowing these three will help you narrow down the available choices and increase the possibility of impressing her.

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Cuts for Square Engagement Rings
The most popular among the list is the cushion cut. It is a timeless design that represents the beauty of diamond rings. It has been around for over two centuries and was a preferred choice for engagement rings half the time. What makes it unique from the others is the size of the reflected light it makes because of the combined rounded corners and square shape. If you want to give her a vintage masterpiece, look at nothing else but cushion cut diamonds.

Another well-received kind is the princess cut. As the name suggests, it is probably the fanciest looking cut among its kind. However, don’t be fooled by appearances. While value depends on the quality of the diamond, princess cuts come a lot cheaper compared to the others. This is due to the sloping corners on four sides naturally matching the surface of the source stone, resulting to lesser wasted materials.

square engagement ringsPhoto: ilovebutter, CC BY 2.0

Radiant cut square engagement rings are usually made of brightly colored diamonds. It usually uses a darker complementary stone to complete the signature look. It’s typically rectangular with cropped corners and a crown all beautifully processed with a unique facet pattern. It gained vast popularity in the 1980’s during times when high class women favored jewelry with bold statements.

Popular in the early 1900’s, the Asscher cut is a lot similar to an emerald piece. It is discernable through its steeper large facets and smaller table. It can appear octagonal along, but the square shape can be best observed once it is set on a four-prong attachment. Until today, you won’t be able to find many of this kind due to the ancient way of shaping the diamonds. The most likely place to see similar types is at an antique jewelry store.

Tips for Choosing a Suitable Design for Your Partner
It is true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend; but, they can have different tastes. Women who love to travel and go on adventures would appreciate a design that’s less bulky. Classy ones with office jobs are the type who would drool over large diamond on their square engagement rings. Socialites would appreciate a vintage look but can equally fall for cuts with tables like the emerald or Asscher.

square engagement ringsPhoto: Maegan Tintari, CC BY 2.0