A Look At Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions And What They Have In Store For You

Well, eyelash extensions seem to be the newest fashion trend, taking the fashion world by storm over the past decade. Though at first there were many ifs and buts regarding their use, they’ve now managed to settle at the top of the current fashion trends.semi permanent eyelash extensions

A look at what exactly eyelash extensions have in store for their users

Over the past few years, more and more women seem to have realized the benefit of waking up with perfect eyes. Also, as one’s eyes can have such a drastic impact on their overall look, eyelash extensions managed to gain popularity rather quickly and at a rapid pace. This also led to the emergence of newer and newer types of eyelash extensions, all intended to meet the requirements of different people.

Also, on top of all this, eliminating the need to apply mascara each and every day seemed to be just too good to let go. Yes, they usually don’t require anyone to apply mascara, and that too is something that has managed to impress quite a lot of women. It saves them quite a bit of time every morning.

However, among the different types of eyelash extensions, there is one particular type which has become the favorite of many. It’s the semi permanent eyelash extensions we’re talking about. As they offered quite a few benefits over their other counterparts, as well as managed to get over the various issues posed by them, they seemed to become the favorites of quite a few women rather quickly.

Let us now take a look at some of the shortcomings their other counterpart, permanent eyelash extensions.

The procedure is complicated

Getting permanent eyelash extensions requires one to undergo a surgery, something which many may find to be a considerably complicated procedure. After all, not everyone would like to undergo a surgery just to look more beautiful or have more attractive eyelash.

Furthermore, one of the biggest downsides associated with the procedure is the risk involved. Though the surgery may not be a very complicated one, but they’re still risks related to it.

They’re expensive

Permanent eyelash extensions can cost quite a lot. They’re probably the most expensive ones among all the eyelash extensions available as of now. On the other hand, semi permanent eyelash extensions seem to be costing considerably less, and don’t even come with the risks associated with their other counterpart.

However, one may also like to note that permanent eyelash extensions are low on maintenance. You don’t need to visit the saloon or any other place every week or every month, and can rather go on for a long period of time without having to worry about anything related to your eyelash extensions.

You can’t really change them

Well, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to stick with a specific look for a long time, getting permanent eyelash extensions will probably be far from something you’d like to do. After all, one can’t really go around changing them as and when they like. Hence, this too can be quite a disappointing downside associated with permanent eyelash extensions.

What are semi permanent eyelash extensions all about?

semi permanent eyelash extensionsWell, after having a look at some of the major disadvantages associated with permanent eyelash extensions, let us now move to understanding this eyelash extensions in more detail.

Simply put, they’re one of the newest trends in the eyelash industry. They almost seem like a revolution when one takes into consideration the different benefits they come with, along with the fact that they manage to get over some of the biggest disadvantages associated with most of their other counterparts. Using these types of eyelash extensions, one can get thicker, longer, curlier, and beautiful looking eye lashes. Or in other words, they can simply transform their eyelash into something that’d look way more beautiful and probably they way they’d like them to look. On top of these things, these extensions also usually look perfectly natural, making them stand out from their traditional counterparts.

Also, they’re not to be confused with the traditional fake looking eyelashes, which come nowhere to offering the type of beautiful looks or the natural feel as semi permanent eyelash extensions. Let us take a look at some of the major benefits of going for these extensions.

They make one look beautiful!

Well, looking better is one of the most important reason a woman goes for eyelash extensions, isn’t it? And to such women’s delight, these eyelash extensions manage to do just that. Based on the wearer’s preferences, they let them get longer, thicker and curlier eyelashes, something that enhances their overall look. Also, the fact that they usually look perfectly natural also adds to the beauty.

They also seemingly make one look younger, helping them get a rather refreshing look.

The procedure is relaxing and simple

If you’re getting yourself these extensions, you can bother less about the procedure. It’s almost just like getting a spa treatment. This can be pretty relieving, especially for those who’re very scared of undergoing complicated procedure or surgery, as required while getting permanent eyelash extensions.

They’re safe

They’re quite a few points related to the traditional eyelash extensions that may discourage many to go for them. This particularly includes such extensions not being safe. This seems to be true with quite a few traditional eyelash extensions, which are usually attached using a not-so-safe quality glue, and attached directly to one’s eyelids. This may result in dryness around the area they’re attached to, and may even result in other skin problems such as skin irritation, reddening, and so on.

However, semi permanent eyelash extensions manage to come out absolutely clean on this front. That is because they usually aren’t attached to one’s eyelids, but rather a single lash extension is attached to a single lash using a strong glue.

A final word

Semi permanent eyelash extensions seem to have become one of the latest and greatest trends about women nowadays. They probably come with way too many benefits, which make a lot of women fail to resist the temptation.

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