Techniques On How To Apply Eye Makeup If You Have A Brown Eye

Women who have brown eyes may think that they are just part of ordinary population who does not have a striking and seductive eye color like those who have blue or green eyes however, the reality is that many are attracted to brown eyes in the same way that they are attracted to other eye color but to make your brown eyes more attractive and captivating, you must learn the techniques on how to apply eye makeup appropriately for your eye color.

There are absolutely so many colors that you can choose from to make your brown eyes look fantastic and irresistible. The simple yet neutral and appropriate color is peaches, taupe and browns with a combination of dark eyeliner – the color and the eyeliner highlights your eyes and makes it look more noticeable.

how to apply eye makeupPhoto: Silvia Viñuales, CC BY-ND 2.0

On other hand, if you really want an extravagant display of your brown eyes, you can use metallic tones that include the color of brown, gold, bronze, pinks and some blues. These are actually the basics in giving your already attractive brown eyes an even more attractive touch but below are some of the most appropriate shades and colors to make you more even charming

White liner
This may sound not a good idea because white liners are not suitable for dark colors but if you mix white liner with some metallic tones such as blue, then the outcome will be beautiful and very unique the white liner becomes like a shade of light around your big brown eyes.

how to apply eye makeupPhoto: Aurora CuaCua, CC BY 2.0

Deep Plum
One of the most beautiful colors for brown eyes is purple; by replacing your dark eyeliner with a deep plum and try to look at the mirror for the results. You can definitely tell that your eyes have become more striking and visible. It gives the area around your eyes a highlight that perfectly complements your eye color being brown.

Cobalt blue
Cobalt blue gives you a more artistic, unique and stylish eye makeup that will bring out the best color of your eye and it also does with the brown eyes in fact, brown eye-color gets even more attractive when they wear this tone of eye make-up just make sure that you know the Proper way on how to apply eye makeup and everything will be perfect for you.

You now have an idea about tone colors that are appropriate and perfect to your brown eyes it is now time to learn on how to apply eye makeup properly. First, you have to apply your desired eye shadow all over your eyelid with an emphasis on your brow bone and the next thing you do is apply eye liner line up your eyelashes line make it lighter as possible and then you can apply neutral or metallic color to coat your eyelid but only below the brow bone or the lid that covers you eye; do this while your eye is closed.

After all of these, you can apply mascara or add some additional tone that is being discussed above and then you can proudly display you beautiful brown eyes that is covered with picturesque eye makeup as a complement