Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Do’s and Don’ts

Hazel eyes are fun to work with when it comes to make-up colors. Mastering the right colors of eye makeup for your hazel eyes will make you look captivating. There are eye shadows that are only applicable during the day, and there are those that are used only during evening events. There are also universal ones which can be used during the day and night. There are numerous options that you can consider.

eye makeup for hazel eyesPhoto: Cat, CC BY 2.0

There are wide arrays of choices available for women with hazel eyes. This type of eye color can carry different shades with ease and beauty. These are the different options that you might want to consider or try:

Eye shadows that are neutral such as browns never fail to make a hazel eye more glam. Any brown based shades work perfectly with hazel eyes. Pink is definitely considered to be a member of the shades in line with brown though there are a few who seldom know this. If you want to look fresh, rosy on a summer or spring days of the year, wearing pink eye shadows will bring that warm hazel eye to heights. Neutrals such as taupe, brings the sexy back, in cream, it exudes romance, while beige mean adventurous. Always remember to never overdo these neutrals during day time, or you will look drunk.

Purple Contrasts
eye makeup for hazel eyesPhoto: Courtney Rhodes, CC BY 2.0

Purple eye makeup for hazel eyes makes a beautiful contrast; if you want it to pop even more, choosing bold colors such as lavender, plum including violets and eggplant-like colors will also do. Pairing it with a purple eye liner can bring its dramatic feel.

Deep Yellows and Gold shimmers
Since hazel eyes have a rich golden brown tone, yellows work perfectly with them, as well as plain gold and gold shimmers.

Highly recommended blends
If you are hazel eyed, most probably you have already mastered the art of making your eye pop night and day. Since there is a wide array of choices for the hazel eyed, we can narrow them down to the best options that you can consider wearing on a daily basis, or on a special occasion. These options are relatively full proof works all the time.

For the base eye makeup for hazel eyes, your browns and pink shades and smudges play beautifully together with those hazels. Some hazel eyed women have green specks, so if that is the case, you can also have a green eye shadow or use pink, brown and green together in order to blend with those beautiful hazels.

Absolutely Don’ts
Be careful with shades that are in the family of the blues. Be careful with it when working with hazel eyes. There are some cases that blue eye shadow works with the hazel eyed, but it is very much dependent to the skin tone of the woman, so be very careful. Too much blue, will ruin the effect and will give you that gloomy look.

Sometimes blue works with smoky eyes for that dramatic feel, however it will definitely over power the subtleness of a hazel eyed woman, so never overdo it. It is still best to stick with the browns and put a thick eye liner with it.