Eye Makeup For Green Eyes: Flatter Those Emerald Sparkles

Green eyes have a warm and effortlessly subtle feeling to it. They are the most beautiful eye color, and it deserves to be highlighted. There are specific shades that make the eye pop. Certain dark smoky colors really compliment the color of the eye. Colors such as gold with sparkles, copper-like shades and bronze make a green eye look more fabulous. These are the makeup shades that might work with those amazing emerald sparkles.

eye makeup for green eyesPhoto: Herman Yung, CC BY-ND 2.0

Eye shadows
The eye makeup for green eyes determines the brightness or darkness of the whole shadow, with green eyes, neutral shades and smoky shades works like magic. Undertones that are warm and slightly dark bring the green color of eye out when compared to brown ash colors. Base shades such as beige and earth colors compliment green eyes. Tan is a type of shade that is also neutral, so it is very versatile; it also works wonderful with green eyes. For evening events that require higher dramatic shades, the perfect eye makeup for green eyes would be charcoal shades which work with wonder. Dark shades make green eyes sparkle.

Silvery and dusty eye shadows with all that glitter and glam nails green eyes. Smother the eye shadow all through the lids and the inner corners of the eye. The effect of being smoky and at the same time bright just spells ethereal perfection all over it.

Metallic are used as an eye makeup for green eyes also spell gorge, it becomes multi-dimensional because of its silvery sage shade. Anything shimmery on a green eye is just perfect. Common eye shades that are in line with earth colors will always work with emerald eyes.

Eye Liners
Since the eye color is subtle, the makeup artists should play with subtle colors too. Very deep dark colored eye liners are too over powering which make the eye look haggard. Heavy black liners should be avoided. The perfect shade for a liner is the subtle ones like a creamy brown, or a creamy charcoal shade. IT is definitely softer and it doesn’t overpower the whole eye. A brown liner has identical smoldering result as that of black, so super dark blacks should not be used because of its flattening feel on the eye.

Shades Of Purple and Plum
Purple and Plum colors for the eyes shadow definitely flatters all types of eye color. If it’s paired with the green eyes, it is extra beautiful in so many ways. Colors such as lavender shades, violet hues, aubergine shadows should never ever be worn.

Bottom line, the right colors will always work for your eyes depending on the occasion you are wearing it for. Green-colored eyes are considered rare and definitely are beautiful. Pairing it with the right colors and working with the owner’s complexion make it so much more beautiful. The color should be drawn out and appreciated, it’s hard enough to make it pop, but working with the right shades and applying the right complimentary make up it will definitely enhance the color of the eye.

eye makeup for green eyesPhoto: Courtney Rhodes, CC BY 2.0