Perfecting that Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

One of the most difficult eye colors to match with eye makeup is blue. It stands out and easily attracts the attention making application of the makeup critical. In fact, blue eyes make makeup colors fade and by having the right makeup color, the result is dramatic. Among the makeup used for eyes, eye shadows, eye liners and mascaras help define the eyes and the following makeup should have colors that range from brown, skin tone, purple to oranges. The only factor that will determine a good eye makeup for blue eyes is how you want to make use of the colors within the given color range.

eye makeup for blue eyesPhoto: inspiwrit, CC BY 2.0

Determine what is appropriate
Get a color wheel for makeup and match the eye color of the eye. After knowing how blue exactly are your eyes, check out the shades that come directly across it. These shades help accentuate and suit the eye color. Remember that your eyes have whites which are also a part of what people see in your eye and it is best to have a color that can make eye whites clear and clean. The variations of shades can be a lot, so it is important to know your skin and hair color so as to not make everything over dramatic.

Brown and Skin Tone
These shades are considered universal, but they actually suit blue eyes well. The secret is that it makes blue eyes bluer and the white whiter resulting to a crisp and stunning look. The brown and skin tones also help make skin flaps on your eyelids much more pronounced. Be sure to dab different strength in shading to make the makeup look more natural. This earthy eye makeup for blue eyes is perfect for everyday and office use.

Purples, Pink and Peaches
eye makeup for blue eyesPhoto: Amanda G, CC BY-ND 2.0

Rather than go ordinary, purples and shades of peaches and pink can help make skin look cleaner and eyes watery. This is the case when you want to shift from the normal to something that is attractive and head turning. These shades are perfect for an all night party or for special occasion presentations. However, stepping it up with the strong orange will make everything look fabulous. The color is known to make dramatic head turn for most women, but the color actually makes everything obvious, but the lighter shades of this color can make everything simple and nice.

Applying the makeup
eye makeup for blue eyesPhoto: Amanda G, CC BY-ND 2.0

After choosing the right brown, purple and pink tones, prepare a palette that has 3-4 shades of varying degree. This ensures you can have everything covered up while applying it. Start with a primer to smoothen and even out skin. Choose the color and start with a flat brush with the darkest color from the corner in. For application of medium shade of eye makeup for blue eyes, use a soft brush. Brush upward this time and follow the crease. Using the same soft brush, apply the lighter tone and apply it at the center of the eye and mix well. Follow it up with brown mascara and eye liner and you are good to go.