5 Reasons Why Drawstring Bags Can Make Your Life Much Easier

Ever wonder why all people share a common lack of talent for organization? Unless you are a neat freak, a disoriented desk or randomly stuffed closets are a common sight in a normal person’s bedroom. If only you have a couple of drawstring bags on hand, life would definitely have been easier. There won’t be general cleanings on weekends and you don’t need to worry when friends unexpectedly visit.
drawstring bagsPhoto: Kara, CC BY-ND 2.0

Why? It’s because they can be used for lots of purposes that help in organizing your stuff in the bedroom. It would seem unthinkable but I’ve listed the top ten reasons why they’re a valuable object to your wardrobe.

1. They can be used to group and store laundry. Such bags were actually designed with laundry bags in mind. Instead of dumping all the used clothes together in a large basket, make divisions by putting two to three large bags and get yourself used to segregating laundry.

2. They can store just about anything. You can use the plastic kind as dust bags for important items in your closet like shoes, purses or gowns. They are a cheap low-maintenance alternative to synthetic dust bags that need washing after several weeks.

3. They are good for carrying school materials or gym clothes. Notice the usual interchanging of books for the next day? Drawstring pouches can be used to serve as a primary storage for your stuff. When time comes that you need to change the contents, you can put the entire pouch inside the bag and remove it together with all the other stuff when you need to change the books. This lets you save time for other tasks.

4. Small well-made drawstring bags can be used to store accessories and other trinkets. If you always have a hard time finding things because the stuff in the drawer keep get mixed up after some time, this is a good organization solution. Put similar items together in one bag and you get a clean drawer with a vintage touch.

5. They can serve as substitutes to regular household items. For example, bags made of cloth can be used as a sifter. A large one can be used as a pillowcase. The list can be endless if you have a good imagination.

Other Unique Uses
drawstring bagsPhoto: Barbara Wells, CC BY-SA 2.0

Such bags can be made out of any material because of their simple structure. Attractive bags made of thick and patterned fabrics can be used as coin purses. You can also use them as packaging for party favors. Make sure that the materials used are transparent like mesh or Tule to add impact.

Drawstring bags have always been present since long ago. Many designer bags have been based on their simple structure. At some point, women were very fond of carrying cotton bags for simple picnics and strolls. They were also used as shopping bags in supermarkets. Due to its various roles throughout time, it can be considered a timeless piece. It’s one of those things people don’t easily notice but have been undeniably part of their memories.