Preserve Your Designer Backpacks through Simple Care Methods with Minimum Expense

It is a popular trend among teens and young professionals today to show social status through their clothes and properties. No woman can resist the urge to own at least one high end bag to show off to friends. With large investments involved just to own a single piece of luxury, it is very important to know how to keep it in good condition.

It is very common nowadays for a famous designer to make one or two designer backpacks. Although the prices are high, a lot of people still make the purchase due to the popularity of the brand. While this might be impractical, there are three reasons why it’s a reasonable decision.

designer backpacksPhotos: Alberto Ziveri (Bag-1, Bag-2, Bag-3, Bag-4, Bag-5), CC BY 2.0

First, they have high aesthetic standards. Brand names will never survive in the business if they don’t create visually appealing designs. Having an attractive backpack that a lot of people dream to have boosts a person’s self-esteem by leaps and bounds.

Second, the designs are streamlined to match the target consumer’s needs. In other words, they’re made
to be functional.

Third, designer products are always made from the best materials. Expensive brands do whatever it takes to maintain a good image. Bags can last for years if you know how to properly store and clean them.

Care Methods and Cleaning Tips
The first thing you need to determine is the material of the backpack. There are different instructions for each type, so it is essential that you become aware. For instance, real leather requires a moist cloth for wiping to preserve its smooth finish. It should be washed at least once every year and be constantly maintained with a leather moisturizer.

Straw and weaved designer backpacks can be easily cleaned with a small vacuum cleaner. Since they collect dust pretty fast because of their rough texture, they should be dusted at least once every two months if not used regularly.

You will notice that luxury items are always sold together with dust bags. In the case of purses, a box is sent instead. If you don’t have a display cabinet meant for storing bags, it is best to have them stored in their original packaging. Boxes have their own moisture-absorbing packets to delay any damages and prevent peeling. Dust bags on the other hand are meant to protect the bag from external forces.

For those who own a lot of large bags secure several removable organizers. By putting a sturdy structure inside, you can fundamentally prevent the bag from slouching. This usually happens when you have a lot of things. For designer backpacks that are made with plain smooth finishes, evidence of slouching can easily be found. Creases with no apparent cause is a definitive proof and can affect the beauty of the bag.

Buying a luxury item is considered a large investment. By being diligent in maintenance, you can prolong the lifetime of your collection and theoretically consider your investment a good choice. The next time you purchase a new bag, be sure to pay attention to the care details as well.