Breast Cancer Awareness Through Breast Cancer Nail Designs

One of the most common cancers is breast cancer. Signs and symptoms include breast lump or unusual tissue growth, unusual change in the shape of the breast, unusual skin dimpling, secretions coming from the nipples or evident patches that are unusually scaly in the skin. The disease can also metastasize to the bones, lungs and other areas of the body. Symptoms include swollen lymph, difficulty of breathing and jaundice (yellowish discoloration of the skin).

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There are numerous factors that can develop breast cancer. When you are a female, you don’t have enough physical activity, alcohol consumption, hormonal treatments, radiations of any source, early menstrual age, unused ovaries (not having babies, or late). Five to ten percent of cases are usually genetic, or inheritance.

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Many women have been suffering with this disease, together with their families, developing breast cancer awareness and prevention is the key to lessen the victims of this dreadful disease. There are a lot of ways to increase our awareness and the awareness of others.

Breast cancer nail designs can show support and increase the probability of everyone to not take this dreadful disease for granted. There are several designs that we can consider to support this campaign.

Breast cancer awareness logo
breast cancer nail designs
This breast cancer nail designs focuses on the logo of the campaign. You can ask the nail art it to do it for you; it is a crossed pink ribbon. You can highlight this ribbon with a black background. Putting this in one or a few nails or all of your nails doesn’t only shout awareness but also gives out support to those who are already suffering from the dreaded disease.

The pink butterfly with the cancer logo
This breast cancer nail designs is a twist to the common breast cancer logo. It is still in bright pink, but we can revise the color combinations depending on the choices you might have, as long as the logo is still pink.

Statement nails
This design is typically putting words on your nails saying ‘get tested’. This 9-letter phrase, one letter for every nail, and a pink ribbon represents the logo in the space. This statement nail design definitely will make people ask you what it says, and from there you can start your conversation about breast cancer awareness and the importance of early detection.

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Statement phrases like ‘I’m free’, or ‘I’m clean’ and other statements that you think might help in the campaign is very much encouraged. Early detection plays a very important role in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Late stages of breast cancer that are undetected are already difficult to manage.

These are just some of the many designs. We bring our nails everywhere, so this is a very good tool to start a conversation with your friends, family, and loved ones. These designs can be revised and the revisions are endless. Just use your artistic side in making designs with the help of your nail artist. The best part of these designs is its simplicity; simple but with great impact to the society.

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