Choose the Best Powder Foundation That is Right for You

The Magic of Foundation
Makeup is a very relevant thing especially for celebrities and personalities that jobs require to be in front of the public. This material has been a very important factor on covering up any imperfections of the face from the skin, eyes, and lips. In addition, makeup can create an illusion to the viewers since they can make anything look different and beautiful particularly for those talented makeup artists. Yet the key component of any makeup is the foundation.

best powder foundationPhoto: Maria Morri, CC BY-SA 2.0

Choosing Foundation
There are multiple varieties of makeup foundation. There is the liquid foundation and the power foundation, yet the most important is to first consider the powder. This foundation will make any makeup into its utmost perfection. When choosing for the best powder foundation for your skin, you need to consider certain factors such as your skin color, skin type, and skin age.

Skin Color
best powder foundationPhoto: natasha, CC BY-SA 2.0

Skin color is very necessary when choosing for your powder foundation. Foundations range diversely on color from light to dark. It is important to mull over what color looks good for your type of skin color. For instance, if your natural color is dark, you cannot choose to have a light colored powder since it will not properly compliment your overall skin type. The result will end up awfully especially concerning the neck part. The neck is the nearest part of your face, thus it should be the bases of what looks good on you or not.

Skin Types
There are numerous skin types from oily, to dry, and acne prone skin. Hence, there are various foundations that are especially designed for this matter. The best powder foundation for you is the one that will make your skin vibrant no matter what skin type you may have. For oily skin, you should choose for a formula that helps prevent oil on building up since it will make any make up look terrible. On the other hand, for dry skin tones, you can choose for a foundation formula that will prevent any flakiness to occur in the skin by having a foundation that has a moisturizer feature. For those who have acne-prone skin, it is better to have a high coverage formula.

Skin Age
Skin age is very relevant in choosing for the perfect powder foundation. There are multiple foundations that have too much formulation that will not be good for those who have younger skin tone. This may cause irritability and allergic reaction to the skin that may cause damage. On the other hand, there are formulations that are good for young looking skin, yet will not effectively do the same for older kin types. In this case, the makeup outcome will not result perfectly. Remember that formulations have different features, thus remember to look what’s best for you.

Good Make For Good Results
Note that not all makeup does have good formulas, thus always note the right makeup for the right skin and look. This is same as true with the powder foundation, therefore it should always be bear in mind that the best powder foundation does not depend on the brand or the makeup artist, it all depends on your skin type and the way you carry it.