Get that Picture Perfect Glow: Choose the Best Makeup Primer for Your Skin

Reddish areas around the nose and cheeks, noticeable foundation lines and visible pores; these are all amateur makeup mistakes that are equally embarrassing as having a piece of your last meal stuck on your teeth.

It has been emphasized by many artists and beauty professionals that good makeup starts with a well-prepared face. If you don’t prepare the skin in your face properly, problems are bound to rise after a few hours of exposure to the sun. It would literally melt due to the heat and destroy your game face in a matter of minutes. Prepare your makeup kits for the warmer months by making sure that you have the right products and the best makeup primer.

best makeup primerPhoto: Emily Cox, CC BY 2.0

Choosing the Right Primer

There are several factors to consider before you can be able to select a good product. One of them is the skin tone. The easiest test to check whether you have the right color is to dab a little in one of your hands. The kind that blends in naturally to your skin should be your choice.

Another factor is the skin type. Due to the differences in climate and skin quality, it is essential to choose the best makeup primer by matching it to the face type. Your skin can be dry, average or smooth. Dry skin can handle oil-based primers better than smooth ones. Take note of your own skin and ask for suggestions from the saleslady in charge.

If you are maintaining a moisturizer, it is best to choose a water based kind of primer. This balances the effect of the two products and is essentially lighter than oil based ones. Some women don’t like putting too many layers of makeup because it makes the face somewhat heavy.

The good news is that lots of well-known makeup brands have their own set of primers for different people. If you are still at the stage wherein you want to try different kinds, it is best to look for a tester package. If savings is a concern, why not visit one of their boutiques that offer free testing on select products? You might find your perfect match unexpectedly among the selection in front of you.

Application Tips for Best Results

best makeup primerPhoto: Don Hankins, CC BY 2.0

Always apply water-based products before putting the primer. They work as a very thin layer of skin that prevents moisture to penetrate the outer layer of the makeup where all the colors are. This helps in preventing smudges and runny mascaras. Use a toner and apply the moisturizer before putting the best makeup primer followed by the foundation. Take note that you only need to apply a small amount and wait until it sets before adding the foundation.

Using a primer has many advantages when you use the right one. It’s because of them that models and even celebrities always look good even in paparazzi photos. The smooth finish is possible due to the product’s ability to fill up the fine lines and large pores. Avoid frequent makeup breaks in the bathroom by using a primer for your everyday look.